International Scholarship Information

Scholarship for KSID-JSID-TSID Frontier Symposium
Since 2019, KSIDhas been organizing the KSID-JSID-TSID Frontier Symposium during its annual meeting in order to provide a platform for young dermatologists from KSID, JSID and TSID to present their research. It will be a 2-hour session with 6 speakers, 2 from each society, and 20 minutes (15 min for talk and 5 min for discussion) will be allotted for each speaker.To the awardees, KSID provide cash support of USD 500, free registration, and lodging of up to 3 nights.

Contact Information
Director of International Affairs of KSID, Prof.Soyun Cho (

  • 1. Observership application form (file appended)
  • 2. Degree Certification is required from your medical school
  • 3. Certificate of employment from your employer
  • 4. Copy of CV
  • 5. Copy of passporHt
  • 6. Abstract for presentation during 2020 KSID Annual meeting

If you have any questions regarding the observership program, please contact Professor Soyun Cho (
At KSID and KDA, we hope many young talented dermatologists will apply. See you in Seoul next March!